Message from Nico

Beginning on Palm Sunday, we enter Jerusalem with Jesus, happy, shouting ‘Hosanna’, but as the week continues our happiness turns to sadness at what will ultimately happen as Jesus walks to the Cross. It is a solemn week and at times, a dark week as he spends his last days with his Disciples, his passion in Gethsemane and his ultimate trial and death on the Cross.


We are in uncertain times and we are aware that the world is not as it used to be. We practice social distancing, we reach out to others through phone calls and help in ways that force us to not have the physical connections we are used to and even long for. We wonder how long it will last and hope and pray our loved ones and friends are safe.


We also know that at the end of Holy week, Easter Sunday will turn those sad and painful moments into happiness and joy, as we embrace the enormity of what Jesus had to go through, to set us free. The Easter story helps us to focus on things that are still happening, even when we are faltering with the threat of the coronavirus. Throughout it all, God’s Light continues to pierce the darkness and we can still feel God’s love surround us.


Jesus showed us another way. Jesus showed us what it meant to truly love. Jesus showed us that even in pain, there will be joy. So, as we walk with Jesus and his Disciples to the Cross, during Holy week and eventually to the empty tomb on Easter Day, may we hold onto the light that still shines. May we embrace our own roles in this Easter story and be willing and able to let go of all those things that would, otherwise, defeat us, and hold onto our faith.


I pray that the Easter light of life, hope and joy, will live in us each day; and that we will be bearers of that light into the lives of others and even when we are afraid in these difficult times, may we trust that God still walks with us.



With Every Blessing,

Rev. Nico Hilmy-Jones

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