Words from Rev.Niko

I had the privilege of participating in a Hospital Chaplaincy placement during my last year of training. I remember arriving at the bed of an elderly gentleman, whom I would ultimately spend more time with, after losing my way, in the labyrinth of underground tunnels that seemed to inhabit the hospital. You could either end up at your desired location or perhaps on the other side of the hospital world, unsure of where you were or how you got there. I apologised for being late and said that I had become lost, along the way. His response was “me too”. This profound statement, spoke volumes. What this man was experiencing was a sense of dislocation and the link with what he had known and was familiar with had been broken. Since being in Hospital, he had been thrown into a place which was strange and frightening and was wrenched from what had once been safe and normal. He was vulnerable and in need of finding his way again. Just like my sense of direction, he had lost his and found himself in a place that was foreign and not where he wanted to be.

How many times have we felt lost and alone during this unprecedented and frightening time on our Island and in the world? One way of showing human love and Christian discipleship is listening. Listening is focusing on another, giving them your undivided attention and I have been doing quite a lot of listening in the many phone calls I have made, touching base with others and checking to see if people are fine. Being with someone in their grief, their fear or their anxiety, just being there is authentic sharing of the Gospel message of God’s loving grace. When you simply listen, God works through you and gives the other hope and space to receive the gift that God has already given to you. So next time when you think you have nothing to offer, pick up the phone and touch base with family and friends and just listen, because listening is a gift of yourself to the other person and is the first face of love from you and from God.

With Every Blessing,

Rev. Nico


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