St Martin's Methodist Church

Our Mission

As Christians, we long to share the Good News which Jesus came to tell us. (See 'What do we believe?'

As Methodists, we respond to our Calling to: 

Worship           Increase awareness of God’s presence and celebrate God’s love. 

Learn & Care  Help people to grow and learn as Christians.

Service             Be a good neighbour to people in need and challenge injustice. 

Evangelism     Encourage others to follow Jesus Christ.


As members at St. Martin’s, we wish to provide a warm welcome and to serve our community as we seek to reflect God’s love for all people.



St. Martin Methodist Church

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build confident faith in God;

to encourage Christian growth

so that all may know God’s love in Christ,

and to strengthen community life in Jersey.


We will do this by;

Continuing with our thriving "Messy Church" community.

Continuing the outreach of the Friday Club for teenagers.

Arranging regular Café-style services and events to which people who do not attend church regularly might be invited.

To continue exploring opportunities to deepen members' faith and confidence through suitable study courses, whenever possible with other churches.



This year we are joining with the rest of the Circuit in an autumn discipleship course, based on the book "Holy Habits" by Andrew Roberts

hat can I do? ~ Getting practical with our Mission Statement


Think of those family and friends you know who once came to church.


For many people, as life and circumstances change, church gets squeezed out.   We are always pleased to find opportunities to invite them to share in special events and services, where, prayerfully, they may again rediscover a meaningful relationship with our Lord Jesus. . .


We invite and welcome families to share in some of the activities on offer . . .


As part of that  service to the community, we have a busy "Messy Church", now in its fourth year, that meets monthly, generally on the third Friday of each month in term time.

Great enthusiasm is always in evidence in the 'Friday Club' for over 11s, which has discovered a new faith dimension in the last couple of years, thanks to some inspiring leadership.

Our Hall and kitchen facilities were given a major renovation some six years ago and with flexible work spaces and good parking facilities, we have a very useful resource to share with the wider community.

We are pleased to host a privately run Mother and Toddler Group,  Scout groups who use the Hall for regular meetings  and we are always pleased to welcome on Thursdays an Island 'Society for the Disabled', who share activities and a cooked meal in the Hall each week.

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