St Martin's Methodist Church

What Do We Believe?

Answers among the questions....

As searchers we have many questions; many ideas to explore, which require honest interpretation. 

Nevertheless, as Christians, we have certain core beliefs: 

  • We believe in a God, who is at once awesome but with whom we can also enjoy a very close, loving relationship.  Jesus even teaches us to dare to look on God as a Father, with all the intimacy that this implies.

  • While, with St. Paul, we continually do the wrong things we would want to avoid and fail to achieve the good we wish to do, we believe that through relationship in and with Jesus Christ and God’s amazing Grace, we can know the relief and freedom of forgiveness and not be crushed, even by life’s cruellest blows. 

  • This is amazing, Good News and the ‘Gospel’ we long to share with others. 

It gives us confidence to trust in Jesus and when he challenges us to follow him, for all our faults, we find that it is the way we wish to go. 

Churches are not full of ‘holier than thou saints’, but rather of ‘sinners’ seeking, together, to find the way to life and fulfilment.

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