St Martin's Methodist Church

Wednesday Group

St. Martin's Methodist Church has enjoyed the ministry of several groups primarily providing fellowship for the ladies of the church and friends.  As generations advanced on group would make way for another.  As the "Young Wives" group reached slightly more mature years, they formed what became known as "The Wednesday Group", allowing the younger women of the church to form other groups, such as "Chatterbox" to follow their own interests and needs.              

The Wednesday Group today consists of 40 to 50 ladies who  organise a busy programme of speakers, performers and activities during the year, usually meeting on the third Wedneday of the month at 7.30 in the evening, though recently they have found a couple of afternoon meetings have been welcomed.  It is a truly ecumenical group, with members from across the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches as well as Methodists.  


Member, Margaret, demonstrates the art of flower arranging.

For the last two years, they have also held an open evening when the gentlemen have been allowed to share first in a talk about the discovery a couple of years ago of a major hoard of Roman coins and Iron Age jewellery, one of the largest and most notable in western Europe. This year it was a fascinating talk by a local lawyer on the subject of some outlying islands belonging to Jersey but on more than one occasion the subject of disputes with neighbouring France.

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