Celebrating 200 Years of Methodism in St. Martin

Two hundred years ago in 1820, our ancestors decided, after thirty or more years of meeting in people's houses, that the time had come to build their very own Wesleyan Chapel in the parish.  They had survived many a trial and we can only imagine their joy and hope when on Sunday 13th February 1820, they held their dedicatory service in their new purpose built Chapel.  And this is what we were celebrating 200 years later over the weekend of the7th to 9th February 2020.

Friends and visitors were able to view beautiful displays of Flowers and Memorabilia, set up all around our second and present Chapel of 1850.  As they went round they were treated to an audio/visual display on the projector screen, beautifully put together for us by Angus.  Recorded interviews by Andrew, Michael and Angus may follow later.  Editing is an immensely time consuming business and these are very busy young people.  We thank them for all their effort.

The celebratory Concert on Friday evening, when various sections of the church were commemorated in word, song and demonstration, was masterminded and put together wonderfully by Brian, Wendy and Michael. Our thanks to them for this splendid commemoration of our past with colour, music and humour.  This Concert was followed on Saturday by an 'open church', when a goodly number of folk from all over the Island came to re-kindle memories and simply enjoy the displays. 

The Rostrum Display

Girls' & Boys' Brigades



Messy Church

Sunday School

'Ecce Homo' - Our friends from Romania




Black Butter Making

MUSIC - Organs, Organist & Choirs

Jean de Quetteville

Women's Groups through time

"Catterbox" Group

Liberation '45 (75 Years Ago)


The Concert - Friday 7th February 2020

Compère Wendy welcomes everybody and gives a background to each act.

A near capacity audience fills the Chapel

David shares a resumé of our 200 year history.


'Sonny' introduces the church's participation in 'Open the Door' (Jersey's Open the Book) in the local primary school.

Brave David (Michael) slays boastful Goliath (Robin)

'Sonny' & Robin 'Goliath' looking none the worse!

'Sisters' sung by Irene, Pauline & . . . Trevor!?

The 1952 Choir were still there to contribute!

Sisters Mary, Jane and Sarah reprise two songs from Sunday School days

Accompanied by Alan as of old.


Alan reminded us of past organs, organists and choirs.  We even had recordings of past singers: John; Eunice 'Bunty' and sister Muriel

Alan led audience participation in a French Hymn, a medley of Sankey hymns and much loved Sunday School hymns of the last century.

The cast, including dancing girls, from Roger Jones' 'Pharaoh to Freedom' returned 10 years later with a couple of numbers from the musical.

The Songbirds, todays songsters and worship leaders sang 'You raise me up' to much appreciation


Producers Michael and Brian entertain with a very amusing 'Two Ronnies' news sketch.


A church members choir end the evening with "Jubilate Deo" and "Shalom, my Friends" sung as rounds


A Circuit Thanksgiving Service  on Sunday morning

Steward Judith, welcomes everyone and advertises our books  & Souvenirs.

Minister, Rev'd. Nico Hilmy-Jones, led our thanksgiving service in prayer and words of inspiration.

Barbara read the first lesson from Psalm 100

Irene read the second lesson from Philippians 2: verses 1-11


David took an alternative slant on our 200 years history looking to the future

Ray looked back to the days of a flourishing Sunday School till the early days of this century.

The Songbirds sang "I watch the sun rise"

Pauline and Magaret recalled     stalwarts in the 

 the many Women's Groups, witness of the church.


In the Hall at the back, they could enjoy teas and coffees and a plentiful supply of delicious cakes.  They could also explore the extensive displays of photographs and other memorabilia on show, carefully assembled to trace the 200 years of Methodist in this small corner of the world.

A wide-ranging display of photographs 

 and other memorabilia in the Church Hall

















Visitors could also purchase commemorative tea towels and canvass shopping bags and a colourful history of the Chapel, plus a biography of a notable parishioner, Jean de Quetteville, often referred to as the "Apostle to the Channel Islands", translated from the French by member David Marett, especially for this occasion. De Quetteville, more than any other, is regarded as having pioneered the Methodist cause throughout the Channel Islands and indeed nearby Normandy.  These, and Deacon Cedric May's delightful booklet about Jean de Quetteville, are still availble at £6.00. £9.00 and £3.50 repectively + postage, from David Marett, email:  maretts@gmail.com 
























Our Celebrations proved to be a joyous occasion, with everyone working together with exemplary diligence and calm.  Despite the uncertain weather and dark nights of early February, there were no times when visitors did not come in very pleasing numbers.  The chapel was full for both the evening Concert and the Sunday morning thanksgiving.  Members then sat to a very welcome 'Faith Lunch' on the Sunday, after morning worship.  Now our church community sets about planning for its third century with a Forward Planning and 'Vision' Day in March.



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