St Martin's Methodist Church

Sunday School

St. Martin's Methodist Sunday School had a long, proud history which extended into the present century, but only just.  Celebrations like the Sunday School Outing with rides around the Island in the backs of lorries, beach games and a sumptuous supper were very popular to the end.  Even to the early 1980s there were still nigh on  a 100 children attending, but as social patterns chanhed in the new century numbers dropped dramatically.

We still make provision on Sundays for any children that might come with their parents, but it is seldom called for.

Our Boys' and Girls' Brigade suffered a similar fate BUT this was the moment when we decided to start a "Messy Church" in 2012 and this work has thrived for the last 12 years, meeting once a month usually on the tird Friday of the month.  It survived the Covid years with 'Messy in a bag and continues today with great success, acting as a 'church' in itself for the families who attend very loyally.

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