Advent Sunday Drama!

  Advent Sunday this year brought something of a surprise for the congregation at St. Martin's.  Halfway through the third hymn, the Viscount Digital Organ which had served so well for 24  years suddenly suffered a major 'nervous breakdown to its main computer board.  A chord was struck that would not stop, much to the poor organist's dismay.  Buttons were pressed but only switching off sufficed.  The prognosis is not good. Although the faulty board can be repaired or replaced, there is no guarantee that it will totally solve the problem as other boards my also be affected or become so after only a short while.

The Church Council now has a hard decision to make in the New Year: whether to risk trying a repair or to replace the instrument.  It has been much loved and was purchased in 1992/3 for a remarkably economic price.  The equivalent instrument today will undoubtedly cost rather more pennies.   Watch this space.

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